My work is based on traditional values, I believe a painting should be worked in view of the landscape. In simple terms: Painted from Life, or at least whenever possible. I often use a combination of a painting knife and thick oil paint when doing plein air studies. This allows me to capture the moment and the mood quickly. I use further sketches and notations, or even reference photos to fill in the details when I need to.

Many of these small plein air landscapes are a basis for more finished paintings, in conjunction with the aforementioned written notations as an aid-de-memoir . When I return to the studio with my collection of studies, the first thing I do is sit down and examine them on the wall. Some will stir feelings and memories which I use to develop into more in depth pieces of art. Most of these more finished paintings, while based on an original scene, become more of a narrative of my experience and feelings about the place or time where it originated. Thus, the finished paintings say as much about me personally as they do about the subject.

This process often allows me to express and examine my own thoughts bringing me to analyse my own self as much as the scene or object that's depicted. It is said that the eyes are a window into the soul. When I paint in the studio, I am usually looking within myself and opening my soul to the viewer, and this honesty is part of my creative process.

Painting then becomes a journey of discovery.

Greg Long, Visual artist, Waterside studio, 95 Darglewood. Dublin 16. email: « » phone:087 8110708